Orders & Payment

How do I order?

Step 1: Search for the item
Step 2: View the product details
Step 3: Click Add to Cart
Step 4: Hover on the Shopping Cart icon. Click View Cart to review your cart or click Check-out.
Step 5: Enter your contact information and shipping details. Click Continue to Shipping
Step 6: Select Shipping Method
Step 7: Insert Promo Code or E-Voucher (if applicable)
Step 8: Click Continue to Payment. Select Payment Method. Select Billing Address.
Step 9: Click Complete Order.
Step 10: Input payment information. Read and accept Terms & Conditions

Do I need a prescription for prescription items?

Yes, all orders of prescription items should be accompanied by a valid prescription that contains all the following details:

  • Prescription date
  • Patient’s name
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Licensed physician’s complete name, license number, signature, and
  • Any government issued identification
What are the FDA Guidelines regarding Issuance of Electronic Prescription by Licensed Physician?
  1. All licensed physicians shall be authorized to issue electronic prescriptions pursuant to this Order by issuing it via email or any other alternative modes considered electronic document acceptable under the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000.
  2. The electronic prescription shall be deemed equivalent to a written prescription required under FDA Circular No. 2014-025.
  3. All licensed physicians shall issue a separate electronic prescription for all Anti-biotic, Anti-infectives, and or Anti-viral preparations.
  4. All electronic prescriptions shall contain the name of the individual to whom the medicines or drugs are prescribed, the name of the medicines and/or drugs prescribed, the dosage and all other pertinent matters similarly contained in a written prescription.
  5. All electronic prescriptions shall contain a digital signature, name, license number, Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) [if applicable] of the licensed physician.
  6. All licensed physicians who made us of the electronic prescription shall keep records of all electronic prescriptions he/she issued pursuant to this order

Prescription containing Anti-biotic, Anti-infectives, and or Anti-viral preparations shall only be valid for one (1) week after its issuance.

FDA Circular No. 2020-037 || Reissuance of the Guidelines on the Implementation of the Use of Electronic Means of Prescription for Drugs for the Benefit of Individuals Vulnerable to COVID-19
What are the accepted file types in uploading my prescription?

Type of files and size accepted:

  • Images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • File size up to 10MB per image/PDF
Can I order non-prescription items and prescription items together?

Yes you can order non-prescription items and prescription items together.

What do I do if I can’t find the product I am looking for?

It is possible that there are items available in our warehouse we haven’t uploaded on our online store. Our pharmacist will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please message us here.

What if I can’t understand my prescription?

In our Home Page, hover on the Medicine category and click Prescription Assistance or please message us here. Our pharmacist will assist you with your prescription as soon as possible.

Can I order bulk for my company?

Of course! Please email us your complete list of orders (with quantity, generic name and/or brand name, size or other specifications) at order@k2pharmacy.com

Can I order for someone else?

Of course! If you want your medicines to be delivered straight to the person you’re ordering for, input his/her delivery address.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order.

How would I know that my order is successfully done?

After you complete the check-out process, an SMS or email notification will be sent to you to confirm if your order is successful. Please make sure your contact information is correct.

Can I track my order?

Yes. After a successful checkout, you will receive an SMS or email from Shopify with a link to your order. For customers with K2 accounts, you can also track your order in your account at k2pharmacy.ph. Our courier partner will also send you a tracking number for delivery through SMS.

Do you give Senior Citizen Discount or PWD Discount?

Senior Citizen and PWD Discount are honored on our online store. Please note that the discount only applies to a maximum of a month’s worth of prescription medicines. This applies only to medicines covered by relevant Philippine laws.


  • Identification card (ID)
  • ID issued by the city or municipal mayor or Office for Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) or the barangay captain of the place where the Senior Citizen resides. The said ID should be recognized nationwide.

  • Prescription for Rx items
  • A prescription should have the following information: name, age, sex, and address of the Senior Citizen, as well as the date, generic name of the medicine, dosage form, dosage strength, quantity, name and signature, address of the prescribing physician, professional license number, and narcotic license or 52 number, if applicable.

  • Senior Citizen Medicine Booklet (first page and the last updated page)
  • Booklets shall be used to record the kind of OTC medicine purchased, how many, when and where it was purchased. Likewise, this will help the drugstores to monitor the last purchase made for a certain medicine.

  • Authorization Letter duly signed by the senior citizen/pwd and Valid ID of authorized representative are needed if someone else is purchasing on behalf of the senior citizen/pwd

Can we use the discount with another promo or discount?
Double discounts will not be allowed. Senior Citizens will have the option to choose either promotional campaigns and other forms of discounts on certain medicines, or the Senior Citizens discount provided that only the Senior Citizens' discount is exempted from VAT.

In cases where Senior Citizens are also Persons with Disability (PWD), the Senior Citizen may opt to use either the Senior Citizens or the PWD discount provided that only the Senior Citizens' discount is exempted from VAT

Source: FDA,

What are the available payment channels?

Payment for major debit/credit cards and installment will be available soon.

Is there a Pay Later or installment option available?

Yes! Upon checkout, choose BillEase payment and follow the steps required. Do not forget to Sign Up first to have a Bill Ease account.

Who can I contact for payment customer support?

Landline: 02 8330 8772
E-mail: merchant@paynamics.net

Shipping & Delivery

How can I track my shipment?
Can I pick-up instead?

If you prefer pick-up, you may contact our retail stores via Viber to order and pick-up. You may find our Branch list with contact information here.

When can I expect my order to arrive ?

Fee Location Delivery Size & Load Capacity
Same Day Delivery
(orders from 00:00 -12 nn)
155 Metro Manila same day size limit: 1.6 x 1.25 x 1.6ft
3kg and load capacity of 20kg
Next Day Delivery
(orders from 12nn - 23:59pm)
155 Metro Manila next day size limit: 1.6 x 1.25 x 1.6ft 3kg and load capacity of 20kg
Standard Delivery 100 Metro Manila 1-3 days size limit: 17in x 20in
weight limit: 3kg
150 Luzon 3-6 days size limit: 17in x 20in
weight limit: 3kg
170 Vizayas 5-7 days size limit: 17in x 20in
weight limit: 3kg
220 Mindanao 7-12 days size limit: 17in x 20in
weight limit: 3kg
Standard Delivery x
Special Packaging
(base + volumetric weight)
105 Metro Manila packages exceeding size and weight limit
190 Luzon packages exceeding size and weight limit
190 Vizayas packages exceeding size and weight limit
190 Mindanao packages exceeding size and weight limit

Same-Day Delivery: (Metro Manila only)
12:00am - 12:00nn successful orders with shipping and payment confirmation will be delivered within the same day, from 3:00pm onwards, Mondays-Fridays except holidays.

Note: Same day delivery option is automatically deactivated on the site after the 12:00 PM and will be activated by 12 midnight.

Next Day Delivery: (Metro Manila only)
12:00nn - 12:00am successful orders with shipping and payment confirmation will be delivered the following day from 11:00am onwards, Mondays-Fridays except holidays..

Note: Same day delivery option is automatically deactivated on the site after the 12:00 PM and will be activated by 12 midnight.

Standard Delivery:

  • Metro Manila one (1) to three (3) working days
  • Luzon three (3) to six (6) working days
  • Visayas five (5) to (7) working days
  • Mindanao seven (7) to (12) working days

Please note that delivery is also dependent on other external conditions such as but not limited to weather, government restrictions, holidays, etc…

Does K2 charge fees for shipping?

Same-Day Delivery: (Metro Manila only)
Php 175 with order size limit of 1.6 x 1.25 x 1.6ft 3kg and load capacity of 20kg.

Standard Delivery:

  • Metro Manila Php 100
  • Luzon Php 150
  • Visayas Php 170
  • Mindanao Php 200
Size limit of our large pouch 17in x 20in and weight limit of 3kg.

Standard Delivery in Special Packaging (large items):
For a package that exceeds our large pouch size (17in x 20in), delivery is computed by adding Volumetric Weight charge to the Base Rate.

Do you charge an Insurance Fee?

We don’t require Insurance Fee. But if you would like, for Same-day deliveries, it is optional at 1% of the total order value. Standard Delivery includes free insurance of up to Php 500.

Can someone accept packages on my behalf?

Yes. Instead of an authorization letter, you may put the full name of your Authorized Representative in the Notes section at the bottom of your Shopping Cart. But please also ask your Authorized Representative to prepare to show his/her valid ID and your valid government ID to the rider upon delivery.

Who can I contact for delivery customer support?

Listed below are the contact details for our delivery customer support. Our representative will get back to you anytime from 9am-5pm except holidays, depending on the time they receive your message.

Landline: 02-7346962
Smart: 0949-994-7886
Globe 1: 0917-706-4831
Globe 2: 0977-841-8674
FB: https://m.me/Payoasia
Email: buyersupport@payo.asia

Return & Refund

If an item bought from store Y turns out to be more expensive than a similar item in store X, can the customer return the item and ask for a refund?

No. While consumers have the right to choose and make a canvass of prices, once a sale in done and the product has no defect, one cannot return the goods nor ask for a refund

Can a store exercise only a policy of exchange but not refund?

Consumers are entitled to either an exchange or refund, as long as there is a defect in the quality of goods or imperfection in the service.

If the defect is due to mishandling on the part of the buyer, can he/she still return the item and demand and exchange or refund?

No. The prohibition covers only hidden defects, shoddy goods or imperfect service.

If after buying a certain item, a customer changes his/her mind and wants to return said item. Can he/she invoke the prohibition on
“No Return, No Exchange”?

No, the prohibition is not an excuse for the consumer to return the goods because of a change of mind.

Do you accept item refunds?

Yes. The following refund policy below is exclusive to K2 Pharmacy online orders only.

  • No cash refund can be made through K2 Pharmacy store cashiers..
  • Return requests will be processed after the complete set of supporting documents is received by K2 Pharmacy.
  • Return request is subject to approval of management;
  • Our Customer Service representative may contact you for confirmation and clarifications as soon as possible.
Are there items I cannot refund?

Hygiene-sensitive products sold are non-refundable.

How can I request a refund?

Refund Steps: Refund of order is subject for approval of management and if customer strictly complies with the following conditions:

  • Kindly send an email to shopify@k2pharmacy.com within 7 (seven) calendar days since the delivery of the items with the complete requirements below.
  • On the email Subject, please write: Request a Refund
  • Upload a clear photo of the following:
    • Damaged items (should still have complete packaging/box);
    • Expired item/s (should be without defect or damage, in its original packaging/box, unopened and untampered, clear expiration date and batch number);
    • Incorrect item/s (should be without defect or damage, in its original packaging/box, unopened and untampered, clear expiration date and batch number)
    • Official Receipt
    • hip Bill found on the shipping pouch
  • State the reason for refund
    • Did not receive order
    • Received an incomplete product (missing SKU, quantity or accessories)
    • Received the wrong product/s
    • Received a product with damage
    • Received a faulty product

For how long will you refund and how?

Mode of Payment Number of Days to Process Refund Refund Channel
COD 5-14 banking days GCash or Bank Transfer
Credit or Debit Card 10-24 banking days Bank to Credit or Debit Card
GCash 5-10 banking days GCash
GrabPay 10-24 banking days GrabPay
Bank - Online 5-10 banking days GCash or Bank Transfer
Bank - Over-The-Counter 5-10 banking days GCash or Bank Transfer
Others 5-10 banking days GCash or Bank Transfer
Bill Ease 5-10 banking days GCash or Bank Transfer

Cancellation Policy

Can I change my order or information details upon registration?

Yes, you can do changes of order or even your information details as long as you have not clicked the complete order button. Just click return to cart or click return to any category you want to go to change the information.

Can I cancel my order?

You may only cancel your order if the package has not yet been shipped. If your order can be cancelled, you will receive an order cancellation notification. Please email us at shopify@k2pharmacy.com

Can K2 Pharmacy cancel my order?

Yes. Orders may be cancelled by K2 Pharmacy due to the following reasons:

  • Customer has failed three (3) times to receive the order via home delivery;
  • If the order has been evaluated as a potential case of fraud;
  • If Senior Citizen / PWD requirements are not valid;
  • If prescription uploaded is not valid;
  • If the delivery address is outside our logistics partner’s delivery zone;
  • Other cases when order cannot be fulfilled;

In the event that K2 Pharmacy cancels an order, it shall be in full, not partially/per item.