Lipanthyl® Supra 160mg Capsule

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Generic Name: Fenofibrate

Brand Name: Lipanthyl® Supra

Strength: 160mg Form: Tablets

Manufacturer: Recipharm Fontaine Rue des Pres Potets-21121 Fontaine less Dijon, France

Classification: Anit-Hyperlipidaemic

Hypercholesterolemia & hypertriglyceridemia alone or combined (types IIa, IIb, IV dyslipidemias, as well as types III & V dyslipidemias) in patients unresponsive to dietary & other non-drug therapeutic measures, particularly when there is evidence of associated risk eg, HTN & smoking.

Secondary hyperlipoproteinemia if hyperlipoproteinemia persists despite effective treatment of the underlying disease (eg, dyslipidemia in DM).

Lipanthyl NT 145 MG Reduce the progression of diabetic retinopathy in patients w/ type 2 diabetes & existing diabetic retinopathy.

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