Surgitech Nebulizing Kit 10cc

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Surgitech Nebulizing Kit

Capacity: 10cc

Instruction for Use:
- Insert prescribed solution into medical port.
- Attached the supply tubing between the gas source nebulizer.
- Connect the nebulizer to the connector, and connect the mouthpiece to connector.
- Set gas flow to 8LPM, the check for aerosol mist; if necessary, tap the device until it begins to nebulize.
- Insert Mouthpiece into mouth and breath deeply.
- To add more medication, just insert pillow medication port.

- For single use only, discard once you use it.
- Do not store in direct sunlight, at extreme temperature or in high humidity; Make sure store in dry conditions.
- Do not use if package is open or damaged.

Manufactured by: Zhejiang Yuantong Medical Appliances Co., Ltd.

Imported & Distributed by: Medasia Medical Products Corporation.

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