Ceelin® Plus Chewables

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Generic Name: Ascorbic Acid Sodium Ascobate Zinc

Brand Name: Ceelin® Plus Chewables

Ascorbic acid 20mg
Sodium ascorbate 90mg (equivalent to ascorbic acid 80mg)
Zinc citrate trihydrate 16.03mg (equivalent to elemental zinc 5mg)

Form: Chewable Tablet

Classification: Vitamins

Manufacturer: Unilab, Inc.

Indications/Uses: This nutritional supplement is for the prevention and treatment of deficiencies of vitamin C and zinc.

Ceelin® Plus Chewables uses the unique Zinc Plus® technology of Pedia Tech® that works in two ways:
• Ensures a stabilized combination of Vitamin C and Zinc
• Provides a delicious tasting tablet without the astringent taste of Zinc.

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