Cherifer PGM 10- 22® For Teenagers with Zinc 200mg Capsule

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Generic Name: Vitamins and Minerals

Brand Name: Cherifer PGM 10-22® With Zinc

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) 200 mg,
Zn (elemental) 9 mg,
taurine 200 mg,
vit A 1,925 IU,
vit D3 210 IU,
vit B1 1.8 mg,
riboflavin 1.95 mg,
niacinamide 24 mg,
pyridoxine HCl 1.95 mg,
cyanocobalamin 3 mcg,
folic acid 250 mcg,
vit C 97.5 mg,
Fe 17 mg,
Ca Phosphate 150 mg,
Mg Oxide 7.5 mg,
Copper Sulfate 1 mg

Form: Capsule

Classification: Vitamins &/or Minerals / Supplements & Adjuvant Therapy

Manufacturer: Gruppo Medica, Inc.

Food supplement to help maximize growth potential of a teenager. Strengthens the immune system & increases overall resistance to stress & infections. Enhances tissue repair and healing. Further develops brain functions, enhances memory & promotes sexual maturation. Prevents &/or corrects nutritional deficiencies.

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