Cinmik Amikacin Sulfate 50mg/mL (100mg/2mL) Solution for Injection 10 Vials

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This Medicine requires a physician's prescription.

Generic Name: Amikacin Sulfate

Brand Name: Cinmik

Strength: 50mg/mL (100mg/2mL)

Form: Solution for Injection (I.M/I.V.)

Manufacturer: Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Imported and Distributed by: Phil Pharmawealth, Inc.

Classification: Aminoglycosides, Antibacterial

Indication/Uses: Short-term treatment of serious infection. Bacterial septicemia. Resp tract, bone, joint, CNS & skin & soft tissue, intra-abdominal infections, burn, post-op, UTI.

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