Clfer Iron 20mg/mL (100mg / 5mL ) Solution for Injection (I.V) ampoule

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This Medicine requires a physician's prescription.

Generic Name: Iron

Brand Name: Clfer

Strength: 20mg/mL (100mg / 5mL )

Form: Solution for Injection

Manufacturer: Alwin Dmd Pharmaceuticals

Imported by: Bliss Pharma Distribution and Consultancy Corp.

Distributed by: Afree Pharmaceutical Distribution Corp.

Classification: Hematinic

Indication/Uses: Iron sucrose Injection USP is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency in the following indications:
Pre existing ( moderate - severe ) anemia patients not responding or having poor compliance with oral iron supplements Pre and postoperative period postpartum anemia and postpartum haemorrhage patients with poor iron absorption (bowel operations or diseases patients with severe renal impairment.

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