Hemostan® 500mg Capsules

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This Medicine requires a physician's prescription.

Generic Name: Tranexamic Acid

Brand Name: Hemostan®

Strength: 500mg

Form: Capsule

Manufacturer: Amherst Laboratories, Inc.

For: Unilab, Inc.

Classification: Haemostatics, Anti-fibrinolytic.

Indication/Uses: For the treatment and control of excessive bleeding in various surgical and medical conditions such as:
- General surgical cases.
- Cardiovascular surgery.
- Pulmonary surgery.
- Orthopedic surgery.
- Traumatic injuries.
- Other operative procedures on the prostate, bladder, uterus, thyroid, ovaries, adrenals, kidneys, liver, brain, lymph nodes, and soft issues.
Obstetric and Gynecologic
- Menorrhagia/Menometrorrhagia
- Pospartum hemorrhage
- Abortion
- Conisation of the cervix
- Epistaxis
- Hemoptysis
- Hematuria
- Peptic ulcer disease with hemorrhage
- Blood dyscrasias with hemorrhage. (e.g., Hemophilia)
- Hereditary angioneurotic edema.
- Following tooth extraction and dental surgery.

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