Lasix® 10mg/mL Solution for Injection (IV/IM) 20mg/2mL

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This Medicine requires a physician's prescription.

Generic Name: Furosemide

Brand Name: Lasix®

Strength: 10mg/mL (20mg/2mL)

Form: Solution for Injection (IV/IM)

Manufacturer: Delpharm Dijon

Imported by: Sanofi-aventis Philippines, Inc.

Classification: Diuretics

Indication/Uses: Fluid retention associated w/ chronic CHF & nephrotic syndrome (if diuretic treatment is required); acute CHF; chronic renal failure; liver disease (if necessary to supplement treatment w/ aldosterone antagonists). Maintenance of fluid excretion in acute renal failure, including that due to pregnancy or burns. HTN. Supportive measure for hypertensive crisis. Support of forced diuresis.

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