Llanol® 100mg Tablet

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This Medicine requires a physician's prescription.

Generic Name: Allopurinol

Brand Name: Llanol®

Strength: 100mg

Form: Tablet

Manufacturer: Amherst Laboratories, Inc.

For: Unilab, Inc.

Classification: Hyperuricemia and Gout Preparations, Antigout.

Indication/Uses: Management of signs & symptoms of primary & secondary gout (recurrent acute attacks, arthropathy, tophi, radiographic changes of gout, or associated uric acid nephrolithiasis); patients w/ leukemia, lymphoma & solid tumor malignancies who are undergoing chemotherapy expected to result in tumor lysis & subsequent elevations of serum & urinary uric acid conc; recurrent Ca oxalate renal calculi in males w/ urinary urate excretions >800 mg daily & females >750 mg daily.

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