Mul-Functional Mesh Nebulizer MY-121

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MY-121 Rechargeable Atomizer Inhaler Nebulizer Humidifier

This device utilizes state-of-the-art microporous ultrasonic atomizing mesh technology that sprays liquid medication into aerosol form and delivers it directly to the patient for inhalation.
Ultra-quiet, low power consumption, built-in lithium battery. Ultrasonic frequency: 115KHz.

Three methods:
- Disinfection atomizing.
- Aromatherapy atomizing.
- Cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance.
Mini-Design, easy to carry.
Microporous direct atomization technology.
Droplet size: 0.5-micron
Ultra-quiet, low power consumption, built-in lithium battery
Almost without residual liquid
Two modes of automatic, which turns off by 5 or 10 mins.

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