OB Max® Capsule

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Generic Name: Ascorbic acid + calcium pantothenate

Brand Name: OB Max®

Strength: Taurine 100 mg,
vit A 2,800 IU, vit D3 210 IU,
vit E 11IU,
vit B1 2mg,
vit B2 2mg,
vit B6 2mg,
vit B12 3.6mcg,
vit B3 (niacinamide) 20mg,
vit C 120mg,
folic acid 450mcg (equiv to 750mcg DFE),
elemental Fe 32 mg,
Ca pantothenate 6 mg,
Ca phosphate 330 mg,
elemental Zn 5.47 mg,
copper sulfate 1 mg,
Mg oxide 2.5 mg,
manganese sulfate 1 mg

Form: Capsule

Manufacturer: Gruppo medica, Inc.

Distributed by: Metropolitan Pharmaceutical Products Inc.

Classification: Vitamins & Minerals (Pre & Post Natal) / Antianemics

Indication/Uses: Pre- & postnatal supplement fortified w/ taurine to meet nutritional needs of mothers & for proper growth & development of baby. For proper mental & brain development of the fetus.

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