Stugeron® Forte 75mg Capsules

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Generic Name: Cinnarizine

Brand Name: Stugeron® forte

Strength: 75mg

Form: Capsule

Manufacturer: Janssen Korea Ltd.

Imported by: Johnson n` Johnson

Classification: Anti-vertigo

Indication/Uses: Maintenance therapy of labyrinthine disorders (vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, nystagmus, nausea & vomiting), cerebrovascular origin (dizziness, ear buzzing, vascular headache, unsociability, irritability disorders, loss of memory & lack of conc), migraine. Prophylaxis of motion sickness; maintenance therapy for symptoms of peripheral circulatory disorders, including Raynaud's phenomenon, acrocyanosis, trophic disturbances, intermittent claudication, trophic & varicose ulcers, paraesthesia, nocturnal cramps, cold extremities.

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