Tiny Buds™ Happy Days Natural Baby Massage Oil 50mL

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Tiny Buds™ Happy Days Natural Baby Massage Oil

Happy Days everyday with this Natural Baby Sunflower Oil 

  • For 2 Months & Up
  • Made With Sunflower Oil
  • Rich in Vit E that helps keep skin soft & healthy
  • Rich in Antioxidants that protects skin from damage
  • Naturally reduces redness on skin 
  • Perfect for Baby Massage
  • Use Before or After Bath Time
  • Helps Avoid Skin Dryness
  • 100% No Harsh Chemicals
  • Easily Blends into Skin
  • Helps Moisturise Mom's Pregnant Belly too! 


BONUS: How to Remove Cradle Cap:

  • Apply a 1-2 pumps of oil on baby's scalp 
  • Massage gently into the area with cradle cap
  • Leave oil on and give baby a bath
  • After bath, use a soft brush to brush away the cradle cap
  • Do this only once a day until cradle cap is gone

Designed by: Conway Innovation LLC, USA.
Made in Peoples Republic of China (PRC)

Distributed by: C'SCOR Global Intertrade Corp 1633 V. Fugoso St. Manila Philippines.

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