Vorwerk Chilli Porous Capsicum Plaster®

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Product Name: Vorwerk Chilli Porous Capsicum Plaster®


70mg / 350mg per 2.45g Plaster

Each 2.45g Plaster Contains:
Capsicum Extract - 70.0mg
Zinc Oxide - 350.0mg
Resin - 1202.5mg
White Wax - 400.0mg
Soybean Oil - 375.0mg
Dibutyl Hydroxy Toluence - 7.5mg
Bees Wax - 45.0mg

Indications: For the symptomatic relief of muscular pain, stiffness and cramp.

Capsicum Plaster is used as a counter-irritant to produce heat on undamaged skin. It is used in the treatment of rheumatic conditions, muscular pain, joint pain, back ache, arthritis, strains, menstrual cramps, etc. With a non-messy application, it can be easily used under clothes.

Manufactured by: Dersan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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