Berocca® Effervescent Tablets

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Generic Name: Multivitamins and Minerals

Brand Name: Berocca®

Strength: Vit C 500mg,
Ca 100 mg, Mg 100mg,
nicotinamide 50mg,
Ca pantothenate 23mg,
vit B1 15mg,
vit B2 15mg,
vit B6 10mg,
Zn 10mg,
folic acid 400mcg,
biotin 150mcg,
vit B12 10mcg

Form: Tablet

Manufacturer: PT. Bayer Indonesia

Classification: Vitamins &/or Minerals

Indication/Uses: For deficiency & increased requirement of vit C, B & Zn. Most water-soluble vit of B-complex & vit C are not stored by the body adequately: These are needed during extensive physical exercise or during emotional & physical stress, & in case of chronic alcoholic abuse.

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