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The Cambridge PRO is an N99 Respirator Mask boasting an exclusive long-lasting filter technology designed by the British Ministry of Defence with UK Military Filtration Technology.

It is CE-Certified, Filtering out nearly 100% of all harmful air pollutants PM10, PM2.5, PM0.3, 99.7% of bacteria, and 99.6% of all viruses. Now comes with optional Valve Deactivator.

Lightweight and breathable with adjustable ear loops with toggles and a valve to help regulate Co2 build-up (you may put in the valve deactivator as an option). This certified face respirator is enabled for a snug fit to give maximum protection, which lasts up to 340 hours of active use (3 – 6 months).

Ideal for people at risk of respiratory diseases, especially those living in or traveling to areas that are highly populated, or having high air pollution/smoke levels.

Please see product images for more information on how to determine the correct mask size for you and your family.


1 x Cambridge PRO N99 Respirator Mask

1 x Headstrap

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card (Scan QR to Register your Mask)

Presented in eco-friendly packaging for storage. 

Designed in United Kingdom.

Manufactured by: Cambridge Mask Co

Distributed by: Proof Online Store Philippines


• For more information on the science behind The Cambridge PRO N99 Respirator filtration technology, visit Cambridge Mask Official Website - United Kingdom

• To know the difference between Cambridge BASIC N95 versus Cambridge PRO N99, and see how both fair against basic masks, check out product images, or read Cambridge Mask Comparisons.

• Understand why you need to wear masks even if you're vaccinated. 

• Understand how Cambridge Masks can help your child.

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