Cambridge Mask BASIC N95 for Babies, Kids, & Adults

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The Cambridge Co. BASIC N95 Mask designed for toddlers and kids living in highly populated cities and districts, now comes with an optional Valve Deactivator.

Trusted by people at risk of respiratory diseases, the Cambridge Co. Basic N95 Mask can protect gainst odours, all PM; PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen, smoke, and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. 

Presented in a frustration free ziplock bag for reuse, Cambridge Co. BASIC N95 Masks can be washed and reused for up to 90 hours of active use.

See images for more information on sizing and filtration system. 

For more information on children using Cambridge Mask Co. visit Cambridge Masks for Children

For more details on the science behind testing and filtration capacity, visit Cambridge Mask Official Website - United Kingdom

Notes: Mask must be fitted properly to effectively filter. Infants and children should be supervised while wearing masks. N95 Masks are non-medical grade, while the "N" classification masks filter solid particulate matter such as PM2.5; N95 does not filter industrial chemicals or oil based particles such as paint. 

Designed in United Kingdom. 

Manufacturer: Cambridge Mask Co

Distributor: Proof Online Store Philippines

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