LP® Splint Wrist Brace 904 X-Large (Left)

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Product Name: Splint Wrist Brace

Brand Name:; Lp® Support

Size: X-Large / 7 - 8.3" / 17.8 - 20.6cm

Immobilizes wrist and carpal joints while allowing full finger motion.

LP Support Wrist Brace is made of dual tension elastic to provide firm support for minor wrist sprains and strains or following cast removal for custom contouring by physician or therapist. Hook and loop closure for easy adjustments.

Splint Wrist Brace 904
- Rigid preshaped aluminum splint is designed to support the hand.
- Elastic tension varies to provide maximum support to wrist without pinching hand or forearm.
- Malleable, removable aluminum stay reverses to "locked down" position.

Wearing Instructions:
Step 1
Loosen straps and position the wrist in the brace so the aluminum palmar stay is holding the wrist in a cock-up position.

Step 2
Fasten each hook-strap securely.

Fiber Contents:
70% Cotton, 30% Rubber

Washing Instructions:
Hand wash in cold water with mild soap.
Rinse thoroughly.
Air dry at room temperature.
Do not machine wash or dry.

Should a rash or irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Manufactured by: La Pointique Int'l Ltd.

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