NebSmart® Portable Mesh Nebulizer

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Product Name: Portable Mesh Nebulizer

Brand Name: NebSmart®

Initial Use:
- Important
Before you use the device for the first time, remove all packaging materials. Ensure the device and accessories are at room temperature.
Remove the device from the packaging.
If not already fitted, fit the medication cup firmly onto the main unit, place the medication cup firmly onto the housing or base of the main unit, until you hear it click into place. Connect mask/mouthpiece firmly on the connection port
Charging the device by USB cable.
Connect the USB cable to an AC adapter or a proper power supply (Output: 5.0V,1.0A), plug the Ac adapter into an appropriate outlet; insert the USB cable into the micro USB port of the device. Then the built-in Li-polymer battery is being charged.

- Lay the cable in such a way that no one can trip over it.
- To disconnect the nebulizer from the USB cable after use, first switch off the device and then remove the USB cable from the micro USB port.

Designed & Manufactured by: Aerosoon® Medical Co., Ltd.

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