Pana-Vac® 100 Closed System Suction Reservoir Kit with Silicon Flat Drain and Tubing

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Product Name: Suction Reservoir Kit

Brand Name: Pana-Vac® 100

- 100cc/mL capacity
- Graduated to 25cc/mL
- With anti-reflux valve

Flat Drain
- 80cm Tube
- 20cm Drain
- 100% Silicone
- with full length perforation

Caution: Do not tear, break or suture through the Drain. The Drain and Tubing portions should not be curled, pinched or stretched, Drain and Reservoir are intended for single use only and should be discarded right after use. The Drain should be placed and removed only with the use of hand. No instruments must be used to prevent damage of the Drain and its parts,

Distributed by: Panamed Philippines, Inc.

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