Partners® Intelligent Type Blood Pressure Monitor

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Product Name: Blood Pressure Monitor

Brand Name: Partners®

Model No. PM - 771

Authorized European Representative: Shanghai International Holding Corp. GmbH


WHO indicator
Average Result
Arrythmia Indicator
240 Memories in 2 Groups
Large Display (XL)
AC Adapter 220v - 5V

How to use:

1. Please sit down on your chair and keep quiet. The background music will help you to relax and feel peaceful.
2. Please roll up the cuff to cover your arm and keep it at the same level as your heart.
3. Stretch your arm forward on the desk and keep relaxing, make sure the palm of hand is upturned. Make sure arm is in correct position and avoid body movement. Sit still and do not talk or move during the measurement.
4. After the press of the START / STOP button, the device will automatically start to broadcast, preset the cuff pressure and do the measurement.

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