Partners® Intelligent Type Blood Pressure Monitor (Digital)

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Product Name: Blood Pressure Monitor (Digital)

Brand Name: Partners® Intelligent Type Blood Pressure Monitor (Digital)

Product Type: Upper Arm C01

Measurement Range: DIA: 40-130mmHg; SYS 60-230mmHg
Pulse: 40-170 beats/min

Memory: 2x120 groups

Average function: Last 3 groups average measuring value

Material: ABS+LCD digital display

Cuff circumference: 22-40cm

Power source: Internal-DC 4.5V (3xAA)/External-DC 5V 1A

Notes: Please do the measurement on the left arm to achieve more accurate testing data. Please wear thin cloth or expose your arm the cuff. Please do not move, and keep quiet.

How to use:
- You can use the external power supply-DC 5V by adapter if the batteries are not available.
- Roll up the cuff to cover your arm and keep it at the same level as your heart. Keep the cuff 2-3cm above your elbow.
- Stretch your arm forward on the desk and keep relaxing, make sure your palm is upturned. Sit still and avoid body movement during the measurement.
- After press the START/STOP button, the device will automatically start to broadcast, preset the cuff pressure and do the measurement.

Authorized European Representative: Shanghai International Holding Corp, GmbH (Europe)

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