Partners Portable Mesh Nebulizer (Doraemon) Model HTC-1698

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Partners Portable Mesh Nebulizer

Supreme Portable Mesh Nebulizer allows the medication to go directly to a persons airways and lungs. The person inhales the medication while breathing normally through a mouthpiece or face mask.

Principle: Large aerosol particles are deposited on upper airway. This would likely cause more systemic side effects.
Smaller aerosol particles are deposited on smaller airway. This would cause less systemic side effects.

If the objective is to deliver potent agent such as bronchodilators to the bronchioles, optimal aerosol particle sizes should be below 3 to 5um or even submicronic

- Superfine atomizing particles
- No dead angle of 360 degrees
- Nebulization any time and any place
- Super quiet design

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