Px Dr. Care Stainless Quad Cane with Offset Rubber Handle in Brown

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Product Name: Px Dr. Care Stainless Metal Medical Quad Cane

Rubber Handle

Type of Cane: Offset

Color: Brown

Adjustable: 71.12 cm / 2.5 ft extendable up to 93.98cm / 3.2 ft

Distributed by: Newlife Pharmaceutical Incorporated

Features: Rather than a single tip, this has four supports at the bottom, forming a rectangular base of varying size. It typically comes with an offset handle and is suitable for those requiring a lot of support. It can bear more weight than a single tip cane and reduces the chances of slipping. It can stand alone instead of having to be leaned against something when not in use.

Pros: Four supports provide more stability; Stands independently; Often has adjustable height.

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